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Is a Fixer-Upper the Right Choice for You?

Fixer-uppers offer a chance to save some cash on the purchase of the home and to make the home exactly what you want it to be. But going with a fixer-upper isn’t the right choice for everyone. If you’re thinking about taking on the challenge of a fixer-upper, here are a few things to keep in mind while you make your decision.

1. Make sure you’ll get a good return on investment. While fixer-uppers can be bought for rock-bottom prices, they can take a lot of work and money to be remodelled into a liveable condition. You’ll want to price out the work to be done on the property to make sure...

Answer these 4 questions to find out if you’re ready to buy a home!

If you’re reading this, then I’m sure that you’ve heard all about the benefits of becoming a homeowner. From diversifying your investment portfolio and setting your financial future up for success to having a place that you can truly personalize and make your own, buying a home is something that many people look forward to.

But how do you know if you’re actually ready to buy a home? Answer these four questions, and you’ll have a pretty good idea.

Ever wondered what impacts the value of your home?

Determining the value of a property is a complex process with a lot of moving parts. While it may seem like a quick online estimate will do the trick, getting a professional valuation done by a real estate agent will be much more accurate and give you a better understanding of your home’s worth on the market. Here’s a few of the things an agent will take into consideration when determining your home’s value.

Are Open Houses Worth It?


Is hosting an open house right for you? For many sellers, open houses can seem like a hassle and not worth the time or effort it takes to prepare for one.

While an open house isn’t right for every property, it can attract attention and generate buyer interest in your home. In the best cases, an open house can even create the right environment for a bidding war! An open house may be worth it when:

Staging Secrets to Boost Your Sale Price

Are you the kind of seller who thinks that staging is just another added cost as part of the process of getting your home ready for sale? If you are, you’re definitely going to want to read this.

Staging is the process of styling and furnishing your home to show off its best features and help buyers feel like they could see themselves living in the property.

Studies have shown that staging can increase the price that your home sells for. Instead of being just another cost, staging can make you back all the money you spend on it and then some!

What’s the Worst Part of Renting?

In our crazy real estate market, many would-be buyers are turning to renting rather than buying. And I don’t blame them. But it might not be their best choice.

Renting has pros and cons, like anything else. In fact, if you’re not ready to settle down in one place or know that you’ll be moving to a different location in the near future, renting is absolutely the way to go.

Home Seller Consult–Schedule Today!

Have you been wondering if now is a good time to sell your home? Or maybe you know you want to sell, but are too overwhelmed by the idea to even know where to start. Then why don’t we talk about it? If you’ve thought about selling at all, let me answer your questions, talk you through the process, and get you started on your next steps. A home seller consultation will give you the information you need to move forward with selling your home with confidence. And it’s complimentary, so you don’t pay anything for the meeting!

Do You Know How Much Equity You Have?

Have you checked in on your home’s equity lately? Now is a great time to see what your equity looks like because, chances are, it’s increased!

But let’s review what equity is before we jump into how you can find out how much you have. Equity in your home is how much money you have in your home–it’s the amount of your home that you actually own. The more equity the better because that means you’ll get more money from the deal when you sell your home!

What's Going on with the Housing Market?

Have you heard that interest rates are rising? Recently, the federal reserve raised interest rates to help curb inflation. Experts are now projecting that standard interest rates will range from 3.5% to 4.5% in 2022.

For many buyers, this news can feel incredibly discouraging. Home prices are already high, but now you have to pay higher interest rates on top of it, right?

Not so fast. Our interest rates right now are actually super low, especially when we compare them to the interest rates of the 1970's-2000's.

Should You Price Your Home For Negotiations?

One of the most nerve-wracking things about selling a home is pricing it. Pricing makes such a big difference in how your property is perceived by buyers—and ultimately, it determines how much money you can get out of your home.

That means you want to get it right so you don’t lose out on any money. But going too high can scare away the perfect buyers. So what are you supposed to do?

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