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Build Equity by Making Your Home Energy Efficient

If you own a home, I’m guessing that you’re always looking for ways to build your equity, right? Equity is one of the biggest benefits of homeownership, so maximizing it is always a good idea because it means more money in your pocket when you sell.


And that’s why I’m super excited to share 5 ways you can boost your equity all while improving your home’s energy efficiency. Buyers love energy efficient homes because it means they will save big on utility bills and feel environmentally savvy. So when you’re doing renovations or getting your home ready for sale, make energy efficiency a priority using these tips.


1.) Use Energy Star appliances. Whether you’re redoing your kitchen or just replacing an appliance, make sure your new appliances are Energy Star approved. The more efficient they are, the happier potential buyers will be down the line. And they’ll save on your utility bills!


2.) Get a tankless water heater. Many buyers are looking for homes with tankless water heaters since they provide unlimited hot water and save energy. Though they’re an investment, they have a high ROI.


3.) Replace single pane windows. Single-pane windows have just a sheet of glass separating your home from the temperature outside. That means that outside temperatures transfer inside very easily.


But double-pane windows insulate your home better, decreasing your cooling and heating costs. So if your windows need replacing, definitely upgrade. It’s worth the upfront cost!


4.) Install solar panels. Solar panels make your home more eco-friendly and will help you save on that monthly energy bill. They’re also a huge draw to buyers!


5.) Plant a shady landscape. Not only will buyers fall in love with a beautiful yard around your home, but the shade will also decrease your cooling costs in the summer.


These updates are easy to do and are a smart investment that will boost your home’s value when you sell.


- Trudy Wilson, Broker at RE/MAX Eastern Realty Inc., Brokerage in Bridgenorth, ON. 

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